full circle in the hundred acre wood

1986 California/Oregon trip

March 14: Flew Pensacola to Los Angeles; rented car and drove to Santa Barbara. Stayed at Holiday Inn Santa Barbara-Goleta. Dinner at Andria’s Seafood. Bottle of local white zinfandel. Buck ordered baked sea bass; shrimp bisque and a combination shrimp and crab Louis salad for me.

March 15, 16, and 17: Sequoia national Park: incredible. Stayed in the park motel; ate at park cafeteria (only option but a good one). Dinners included pork chops, Brussels sprouts and mashed potatoes, fried chicken, green peas and onions. They had good hot apple cider on tap. Hiked in snow to Moro Rock. Climbed the rock over ice-covered steps. Burst into dazzling sun at the top. Enjoyed picnic and each other.

March 18:  Stayed one night at the Highlands Inn in Carmel. Dinner at The Butcher Block: bbq combo — baby back ribs, beef ribs and chicken. The ribs were good; not the rest.

March 19-20: The Holiday Inn in Monterrey. Incredible “gardening department” featuring exotic flowers, bird feeders, wonderful lodging on the Pacific Ocean. Dinner on the 19th at The Whaling Station, very good. Artichoke vinaigrette appetizer; one of us had vegetable beef soup and the other chicken curry soup; grilled gill shark, baby carrots, zucchini and mustard greens, creme caramel and chardonnay. Lunch on the 20th at Fisherman’s Wharf: salad, grilled red snapper (me) and snapper baked in tomato sauce (Buck). Dinner at Fisherman’s Wharf, the Red Snapper restaurant. We both had clam chowder. I ha half a dungeness crab and Buck had cioppino and we shared a bottle of chardonnay. While in Monterrey, we visited the marvelous Monterrey Aquarium.

March 21-22: On to the Wine Country. We stayed at the Napa Holiday Inn. On the 21st toured Inglenook. Dinner at Preti’s: carrot soup (me), salad (Buck), both of us filet mignon, string beans and cauliflower. On the 22nd, winery tour and tasting at Robert Mondavi, followed by a memorable evening at Mustard’s Grill in Yountville. Bottle of Mondavi Fume Blanc 1983; butter and bibb lettuce salad with spiced pecans and vinaigrette; chicken hoisin with Indian rice (Buck), baby back ribs with lyonaise potatoes (me), condiments and side dish to share: tomato chutney, grilled eggplant and red onions; dessert was creme caramel with creme fraiche, almonds and raspberries (uhmmmmm). Coffee for me and Jasmine tea for Buck. March 23-25:  From the Wine Country to Jot’s Resort in Gold Beach, Oregon. Dinner on the 23rd at Jot’s Rod ‘n Reel Club. Relish tray, salad, prawns (Buck) and baked shellfish(me). Since Jot’s is a condo-style resort right o the Rogue River where it meets the Pacific Ocean, we had a well-equipped kitchen and were able to prepare our own dinner on the 24th, which was singularly delightful. In Room 416 we enjoyed a leaf lettuce salad, steamed fresh asparagus and carrots and broiled steaks. We dined “en suite” again and enjoyed vegetable/lentil soup, sauteed chicken with onions, fresh mushrooms, dried tomatoes and white wine, and stewed tomatoes, along with a bottle of that infamous Robert Mondavi Fume Blanc. While at Jot’s, we took a jet boat ride on the Rogue River and ate lunch at this marvelous rustic place where we ate outdoors and a tiny buck deer nibbled a roll from my hand.

March 26-27, 1986: From Jot’s we moved on to The Inn at Otter Crest in Otter Rock, Oregon overlooking the Pacific Ocean. For dinner, we took the “hill-a-vator” down to the inn’s great restaurant. They put before us a small, perfect relish try of carrots, banana pepper, etc. with garlic bread and herb spread. We both ordered clam chowder. Buck’s main course was veal a la marsala and I enjoyed a lovely salmon en papilliote with herbs. They were served on rice pilaf, fresh sauteed veggies, including carrots, onion, zucchini and black olives. Also an excellent oval loaf of bread and burnt cream dessert. Coffee for me and Tia Maria for Buck. Lunch on the 27th was at The Chowder Bowl in Depoe Bay, self-described as “The World’s Smallest Harbor.”

March 28-29:  We drove to the Holiday Inn Boeging Field Seattle. Dinner on the 28th was at Elliotts on the waterfront; 3-29 both breakd AND dinner at Snowqualmie Lodge.

March 30:  What a honeymoon — well worth the wait from our marriage in 1984. We returned to Pensacola today.


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