full circle in the hundred acre wood

The framing team arrived at 7:10 this morning and were measuring, sawing and assembling when Buck and I left the house mid-morning to go to various supply houses researching tile, granite, and carpet. “Witchy Woman” was playing on their radio when we pulled out of the driveway.

We fondled so many pieces of tile I feel like my fingerprints have been nearly worn off. When this is all over, I could probably get a day job as a safe-cracker. We looked at huge slabs of the most extraordinary, over the top granite in an outdoors supply yard, with names like Peacock Gold (it’s actually black with gray-blue chunks and gold speckles), African Waves, Ubatuba, Rojo Alicante and Blue Pearl. Returning home, we gratefully contemplating the pot of chicken soup made last night.  Our framers were still working, racing the setting sun. It was thrilling to see the first wall.

IMG_1386 Maggie’s world is changing every day, too, and like me, she loves a good sunset – – and aren’t they all?Last thing Framer John said today as he was packing away his tools: “You’ll need to move that TV, your computer and all that stuff in the corner over there before morning.” He went on to explain how he would be taking a chain saw to the remainder of the I- beam hanging out several feet into the space where the screened porch was. Then he will be removing the siding on the exterior wall between our office area and the old porch, preparing to build new walls and connect the existing structure with the new one. To protect existing windows on that wall, the crew will board them up with plywood. I asked Buck if we would have a hole in the wall on the side where we’re living tomorrow. Buck said, “I don’t think so, but we might. All I know is, whatever John’s going to do tomorrow, he’s fixing to rise hell out there.”  Uh hum. I learned in Psychology 101 that flexibility is the hallmark of the healthy personality. Keep reminding me of that, would you?

This is another in the flurry of “lost posts” which will be put into chronological order with others in the Sanctuary at Longleaf Preserve category. It was published in the original Switched At Birth blog on February 28, 2005 at 11:04 PM. It is the chronicle of a time between January, 2005 and June, 2006, when we added a permanent home onto the 1 bedroom, 1 bath cottage we lived in about 5 months out of the year during the time we had a home in the North Carolina mountains. Buck was born in Pensacola. My grandfather sold strawberries in the farmer’s market here more than a hundred years ago. It’s home.


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