full circle in the hundred acre wood

 Everybody gets excited when a crane shows up on the scene,  lifts huge girders high in the air, and swings them around like toothpicks. The big red crane looks like a man-sized version of a child’s toy.



The fellow driving it looks a little like Wayne Newton. A white, ten-gallon hat almost covers up his long sideburns, and his triangular shape attests to many hours sitting in the operator’s seat.

The chance of getting any non-housebuilding work done around here these days is slim and none. Here was the view from my desk last Friday.

The crew came out yesterday, even though it was Saturday. They were trying to catch a few hours of rare sunshine to start sheathing the main roof. They got a good start. Won’t be long now until we’re fully dried in.

I’ll never forget the look of this amazing skeletal structure. Looks to me like a dinosaur’s spine, or a super contemporary skylight.


Moving right along, now, with restoring the “lost posts.” When this was originally written on April 10, 2005, my blog buddy from Wales, Daisy-Winifred, said “Be fantastic if that were a skylight, you’d have a punk roof with a Mohican haircut then.”


0 thoughts on “Cranes and Girders and Trusses, Oh My!

  1. Gullible says:

    Be still, my heart.


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