full circle in the hundred acre wood

A flash of white went by the window. There it is again! A timid knock on the door got me out of my chair and moving. A mild-mannered young man with longish dark hair, sideburns, a baseball style cap and the “put it where the sun don’t shine” Solatube logo printed neatly on his t-shirt stood on the threshold.

“I’m Justin.” The white flash was his friend Rocky, an English bulldog. They had arrived to cut holes in the roof for several solar tube skylights. Rocky’s loose-jointed ranginess carried him up and down the stairs, round and round the house. I liked them both immediately, and stepped back inside to fetch a dog treat for Rocky.

Justin went to work on the roof while Larry Pugh, our plumbing contractor and his crew, and Gary Mooneyham’s HVAC pros worked inside the house.

Rocky moved too fast for an amateur paparozzi such as myself to click off a picture, but here are a few shots of the other guys at work.



This work isn’t glamorous. It doesn’t have the “oooh” factor that the initial framing does. But it’s the guts and circulatory system of the house, if not its heart and soul. And these guys are meticulous craftsmen.



Justin’s about to climb onto the roof to cut in skylights.

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