full circle in the hundred acre wood

Maria’s Seafood right here in Pensacola is just about as good as it gets. No, it’s not Pike’s Place in Seattle, but it’s terrific, and a fabulous local resource. It’s my “go to” place for shrimp, scallops, blue crab, and gorgeous red snapper.

But when this meal was prepared, it was a busy Tuesday. Maria’s is an 18 mile drive into town, and I wanted fish for supper. And so, while I was making a quick hit at our neighborhood Publix supermarket, I looked at their selection of fish, and considered the Tilapia. From Ecuador. Farm raised, but fresh, not frozen.

It was almost 5 o’clock, and I didn’t want to delve much further into the provenance of this small package of lean protein. I figured if it was awful, there was always leftover black beans and rice or peanut butter and jelly. I took my little package and headed for the express lane.


The Base: Verdant springtime. Greener than Buck’s eyes. Rub a baking dish with a little butter or olive oil, then throw in a thick layer of baby spinach.


Zen of Fish: Doesn’t it look cool, like the feet of veined marble? The little filets are placed on the baby spinach, then covered with a teaspoon of pecan spinach pesto.


Charred Tomatoes on the Side: This is a way to find a God-spark within an out-of-season grocery store Roma tomato. Slice in half lengthwise. Sprinkle with a tiny bit of kosher salt, grind on some black pepper, dust with dried Italian herbs, then grill-sauté in a smear of olive oil. They will get black. There is no better accompaniment for fish, grilled chicken, tossed with pasta, added to a pizza, or slabbed onto baguette slices.


Food for the Writer’s Soul: Isn’t it wonderful that high-octane dark chocolate has been declared a heatlh food? After dinner, I plan to enjoy a little dark chocolate nutriceutical along with an antioxidant tot of port. Oh, and I’ll read a few pages of Proust’s memoir, Speak Memory, to help my brain’s synapses jump and the dendrites branch. See? Aging isn’t so bad, after all.

0 thoughts on “Supermarket Fish

  1. terrilynn says:

    As usual, I want your supper!


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