full circle in the hundred acre wood

Talking on the phone is close to the top of my short list of things I detest doing. People who walk around and jabber incessantly into a cell phone amaze me. Don’t even get me started on ring tone sound pollution!

However. If I zap myself into “listening writer” state — admittedly out of self defense when I am pumping gas, food shopping, or walking down the sidewalk in town — those loud cell phone talkers, seemingly oblivious to others around them, provide some rich word scraps; fodder for the brain barn.

“He wants me to stop doing my pills and smoking crack, but he won’t

stop smoking weed. He says weed isn’t a drug, ’cause it’s natural.

Well, cocaine is natural, too.”

0 thoughts on “But Is It Organic?

  1. clairz says:

    You might like this blog: Overheard Lines at http://overheardlines.blogspot.com/


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