full circle in the hundred acre wood

When I opened a closet door yesterday, something out of place drew my eye downward. There, exposed on the carpet, was a colorful, wiggly circle. Straightening out, it sprinted two feet and stopped. I called my lizard liberator, Buck, who positioned his hand a foot or so above the critter, and then dropped his hand swiftly to enclose it as only a woods-wise boy can. I opened the door and Buck deposited our frightened-looking guest on a dusty rubber plant on the back patio. 

IMG_0657 Aren’t we lucky nature comes in technicolor? What a beautiful Southeastern Five-Lined Skink!

0 thoughts on “Freedom

  1. fletch says:

    maybe he was enjoying the closet, with the AC and no predators (I hope). Now he has to go back out and make a living again. Such is the price of freedom.


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