full circle in the hundred acre wood

At 4:15 a.m., seven deer graze, stroll and do not even glance at the house. During daylight hours, they look up at the house every few seconds, turning those big sound catchers that pass for ears.

They seem to think the house sleeps soundly at night.

Yesterday afternoon, I walked out the front door and heard the most extraordinary bellowing noise. It sounded a little like something extreme had gotten hold of a bassoon and was testing its limits. The sound was coming from that area where the driveway curves around and disappears, with forest on either side. It was going away, and by the time Buck joined me, it was out of earshot. He said it was probably a deer.

“A deer made that sound?” It was so loud; so acoustical.

“Most likely. Deer make a lot of different sounds; not just through their noses,with their breath. Sometimes, they open up their mouths and vocalize.”

Really. Well. Bet I can google up some deer sounds later.”

Click here for a link to some amazing sounds. I’m pretty sure the one I heard was a “contact” call, but it was louder and longer than the one you will hear on the link.

0 thoughts on “Sounds Made by Whitetail Deer

  1. fletch says:

    Many years ago myself and another semi-city slicker were on an early morning hike in the woods and came upon a large buck at a distance. He didn’t like our presence and started making one of those amazing sounds. When we got back from the hike, we asked a grizzled old deer hunter if he had ever heard of such a thing. He looked at us disgustedly and said,”You mean you’ve never heard a buck snort?”. So ever since then I’ve called deer sounds a buck snort.


  2. Sarah says:

    My dogs and I went looking for a wounded… something four nights ago. There had been a terrible bellowing, a sound like wind over piano strings. What we found was a young buck, eating my ground cherries and staring brazenly into the beam of my flashlight. Deer songs sometimes sound like whale songs.


  3. Fletch — yes, sometimes walking in the woods when we hear those sounds of wind rushing through nasal passages, a loud, annoyed sound (good thing they don’t carry darts), my husband will say, “Well, TwitchyB, you just got snorted.”
    Sarah — I hadn’t thought of whale sounds, but yes, that accoustic bellowing is similar; love your imagery of wind over piano strings.


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