full circle in the hundred acre wood



Buck & TwitchyB 6-25-08 at Skopelos.


Turning 57 wasn’t tough at all. I have a grateful heart for all the many unmerited gifts in my life, and most especially for the stunning love of my darling Buck and the love and affection of all of my family and friends. (Photo taken by Stacey at our favorite Pensacola restaurant, Skopelos on the Bay.)


Chef and owner Gus Silivos outdid himself with this lovely fresh grilled amberjack, topped with baby shrimp in a saffron cream sauce. Yum. Oh — and I almost forgot. The fish was on a bed of fried baby artichoke hearts which we dubbed “Greek popcorn” — gosh, they were good. 

Gotta go. We’re back home, in our soft clothes, and the chocolate ice cream awaits.

Sweet dreams, y’all.

0 thoughts on “At 57

  1. Dave says:

    Happy belated birthday, Beth!


  2. Walk says:

    I’m glad you had such a great birthday, may you be blessed with many more!


  3. I like how you say, “unmerited gifts.” I share the same sentiment. For starters, I did nothing to merit being here. But, I’m sure glad I am.


  4. Dave, Walk & Bamboo Forest,
    Thanks for stopping by to help me blow out a candle!


  5. Melissa says:

    A happy (very) belated birthday and wishes for a wonderful 58th year (dinner looks like it was delicious).


  6. I think I might be back blogging:0) So what better way to celebrate but visit you here, late as always but heartfelt Happy Birthday Beth. So good to see you and Buck so obviously in the moment together may there be many many more moments for you both and may this year bring all the richest off gifts to you… you know love, laughter, friendship and family:0)
    Longleaf looks as wonderful as ever and I am looking forward to catching up and seeing your trees and wildlife once again.
    Much love


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