full circle in the hundred acre wood

Don’t put your stones in a backpack and carry them around all day. Take them out and look at them one by one. Pick them up and roll them around in your hands. Only then will they cease to have power over you and will, instead, become your power.

And don’t ever let anyone else put their stones into your pack. If someone puts a stone in your hand, be careful. Look at it carefully, examine it. Say, “Yes. This is a stone. It has heft, weight, and a history. But it is your stone to carry. Don’t put it in my rucksack.”

People make the mistake of accepting stones without even looking at them. They put them in their pack, and stagger off under the ever-increasing weight, embracing the burden.

Fiona’s small stones are reminders. They say:  “Pay attenttion.”

0 thoughts on “Meditation On Small Stones

  1. fiona robyn says:

    I’m very envious of your garlic rock, Beth – it’s beautiful! Thank you SO much for hosting me here and for being so generous with your comments. And thank you for mentioning a handful of stones too!


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