full circle in the hundred acre wood

0 thoughts on “Mystery Leafhopper

  1. Walk says:

    I believe that is of the species Hoptoitus. They are commonly found outdoors and among the vegetation. Known to chew tobacco and spit at any given moment.
    Ok, I haven’t a clue, which I guess you’ve already figured out long ago.


  2. Andi says:

    He is definitely an interesting fellow. . . . I’ve been watching a frog carcass decompose on my sidewalk, and I’m amazed by it’s skeleton.
    Meanwhile, I’ve given you a blog award here – http://www.andilit.com/?p=254 – Thank you for your writing.


  3. Wally says:

    Okay, here’s my best guess: it’s a female Katydid.
    Order: Orthoptera. Suborder: Ensifera. Subfamily: Tettigoniinae (Shieldbacked Katydids). Possibly the Atlanticus gibbosus (Robust Shieldback).
    At any rate, Katy still insists she didn’t!
    I can’t believe those squirrels sat so still for the photo………


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