full circle in the hundred acre wood

The adolescent-looking doe and her spotted baby fawn stood at the edge of the gravel road to the house just at dusk yesterday.  They watched as I opened the gate, drove in, then got out to close the gate behind me.  By the time I reached for my camera across the seat, they had melted into the woods.

Lovely sight. It’s that time of year here, when  fawns are dropping, huge banana spiders hang in their substantial webs across the fireline roads, and amethyst asters mix with spiky goldenrod and the startlingly purple American Beauty Berries (French mulberries).

We have only been home since Tuesday night and will be gone again Wednesday morning. We’ll be near Jasper, Georgia in a house atop Sanderlin Mountain for a few nights, and then continue to Waynesville, North Carolina to visit with our old friends in Rice Cove (the Beaverdam Community in Canton), hike the Smoky Mountains and osmose some of that high mountain inspiration.

I awoke this morning to the news that Bernard, Maine, where Buck and I were hiking exactly one week ago, is under a tropical storm watch (of all things).  Hurricane Kyle is expected to move into the Gulf of Maine today. 

In case you have the good fortune to visit the Acadia National Park on Mount Desert Island in Maine, there is a book I highly recommend:

IMG_1557It was written by Tom St. Germain and published by Parkman Publications in Bar Harbor, Maine.

It’s the best hiking guide I have used. We have handwritten notes in it going back to 1993.

Just as we were leaving the rental house in Bernard on Bass Harbor, one of the owners, Tom, arrived with two of his pups. Tom is originally from California, but has been in Maine long enough to be considered a local. He is a retired high school teacher, a kayaker, surfer, distance hiker and a writer.

His love for the Maine woods and waters shines through his words and gestures. He and his wife, Leslie, have a great place here, even without the fabulous view.


IMG_1577  Bass Harbor from the retreat

Well, we’ve washed our hiking shorts, tshirts and socks, and are ready to hit the road again on Wednesday!  Words and pictures to follow. . . .hope you all have a great week, too.

0 thoughts on “Sunday Morning Musings

  1. Leslie says:

    Safe trip…have fun.
    We again have a typhoon heading toward Japan….it’s bringing lots of rain and very cool weather…we’ve gone from 82 degrees to 60 in just 4 days! Fortunately for us, the storm is supposed to pass south of us, but it’s caused major flooding in Taiwan (2nd time in a week). Another month to go before the season is over….hope there are no more big storms anywhere!
    Looking forward to your pictures and story….^-^


  2. Thank you, Leslie, and I echo your sentiments. Everytime I hear about a typhoon or earthquake in Japan, I think of you.


  3. Walk says:

    I’m looking forward to another travel log. Here’s wishing that this trip will be as refreshing and enjoyable as your Maine trip. You take some great pictures, whether it’s in the pine woods or along the coast, what camera do you use?


  4. mary lou says:

    I love reading about your hikes! And Maine is so pretty! and North Carolina will be too at this time of the year!
    have a safe trip.


  5. Thanks, guys. We were delayed by one day, but will head up to NC tomorrow. Maggie’s going, too! 🙂
    Walk — I never took a picture until digital cameras had been out for years (too afraid of wasting film with my poor photography) — if I have a “secret” now, it’s volume — lots of shots and even a blind hog will find an acorn — the camera is simple: a Canon Powershot SD950 IS Digital ELPH. I still haven’t read the manual . . .


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