full circle in the hundred acre wood

Buck and I went out to dinner last night. The restaurant had a little foyer in it with a demilune table and a gold leaf mirror over it. Buck was already speaking to the maitre’d who guided him through a silently swinging, quilted leather door when I remembered the thin gold chain in my hand.

My necklace. It had a knot in the chain, as they always do. I had untangled the knot on the way to the restaurant, but forgot to put it on. I stopped in front of the mirror to fasten the clasp, making sure the diamond solitaire was centered just in the hollow of the v-shaped bone in my neck.

I opened the inner door. The maitre’d was nowhere to be found. Only a few tables were filled and in the dim light, I didn’t pay much attention as I wandered from room to room. I got all the way to the very last small room, but didn’t find him.

Puzzled, I checked to be sure my glasses were on my face, and began to retrace my steps. By this time, almost every table was full. Everyone was dressed nicely in semi-formal attire. But I stopped still in my tracks and tried not to stare when I saw that everyone’s faces were painted or tattooed with Chinese (please forgive my ignorance) or Japanese (please forgive my ignorance) language characters — men, women and children. There was no conversation; no background music; only the rustle of my dress and the click of my high heels on the quarry tile floor.

I continued to walk toward the front, looking for Buck. He wasn’t there.

But I did see my first husband, still thin and wearing gold-rimmed eyeglasses, although much balder than the last time I saw him, looking more like his father now (the one who told me he hoped all of my dreams would turn to ashes and dust, that one).

I kept walking, and walking and walking until I woke up.

0 thoughts on “Scenes From A Restaurant

  1. Kathy says:

    Oh, I thought it was real! How clever. Such good storytelling. Love the necklace, the click of the heels, the first husband…


  2. Leslie says:

    Rest assured….the characters you saw could be either Chinese or Japanese as they are the same….^-^ Great post….so visual!!


  3. mary lou says:

    I got it!! As soon as you saw all the faces painted. Good dream huh?


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