full circle in the hundred acre wood

The woman in my dreams last night sat on a bench with her husband. She had the broad slavic face of a Russian peasant. He was more KGB. As she gesticulated with one hand to emphasize some point she was trying to make in her monologue about the joys of world travel, I studied her ruddy face; a face marked by several chins, undulating like clay hills, crescent-shaped fat packets under her eyes like sandbags at the levees of her watery dark eyes.

She wore an unusually ugly burnt orange crocheted cap, its bright label still attached by a white plastic umbilical, and sticking out at a rakish angle like some disguised antenna. Her stream of consciousness blather required no listener participation.

The husband was dressed in charcoal gray all the way, from Hush Puppy shoes to a zip up sweater jacket. He sat absolutely still, taking advantage of his wife’s covering stream of words to stalk me with the unblinking eyes of a predator.

0 thoughts on “Russian Peasant Woman Dream

  1. Gullible says:

    Ummmm I can see them. I can feel him. Scary description, and good writing, Beth. “predator-like?” Something stops the flow, but great description.


  2. Beth here. . . thanks, Gully — is the revised last sentence any better? (Suggestions in the virtual suggestion box are always gratefully received.) I have to say, it was an odd bit of a dream.


  3. mary lou says:

    Lots of good words here Beth! Just stopping in to say hello! Now on to the NEXT project!


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