full circle in the hundred acre wood

It feels like a moonlit walk through a forest susurrant with life. Buck, Maggie and I walk slowly from our office in the old part of the house to our bedroom, where The Cloud awaits, turning off lights as we go.

Maggie stands so close to Buck, her bronze chocolate fur touches his left leg as we move. Each time we stop to pull a plug, to talk for a moment, Maggie sits and leans against Buck’s leg. She looks up at him earnestly, trying to read the tea leaves. Is it time yet? Is it time for my cookie?

I move carefully, not wanting to spill a drop of the hot lemongrass and spearmint brew I am carrying in a thick pottery mug cradled in that bony place between my breasts. It is radiating enough warmth to remove an entire day’s chill.

The three of us must look an odd parade, stopping at each of three fake Christmas trees that we put up right after Thanksgiving. They have become as real to us as the Velveteen Rabbit.

We unplug the last one. As the tiny white twinkling lights go dim,  I say, “That one reminds me of the lights in the old Driftwood Restaurant, where we had lunch together for the first time.”

Buck says, “Yes, it does me too. And sweet baby? Let’s don’t be in a hurry to take them down. Okay?”


0 thoughts on “How Fake Christmas Trees Become Real

  1. Leslie says:

    Exactly….why do we have to take down our Christmas lights just because the holidays are over? Or any holiday, for that matter…I know someone who would enjoy Halloween all year if she could…LOL
    However, here in Japan, it’s a rush to take the Christmas decorations down so we can put up the New Year’s ornaments…a completely different scene!!
    You have such sweet memories together…I’m jealous….in a good way, of course. ^-^


  2. DSK says:

    As far as I’m concerned, outdoor lights can be left up until April. I picked up that attitude when I lived in Austin. Last year we left a lit tree on our deck up until March. It never wilted or browned because it was outside.
    Last weekend I was in Austin and stopped by a bar (LaLa’s) in my old neighborhood which has Christmas decorations (laced with old rock memorabilia) up all year.


  3. Walk says:

    I was sitting in our loft, looking down at this years tree, and thought, “Why don’t we leave the tree up all year and decorate for the different holidays”. We took it and the other four trees down and felt the ole after holiday depression. A house can be decorated from “House and Gardens” and still not be as enjoyable as when the Christmas decorations are up. Thanks for the glimpse of your life among the long pines.


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