full circle in the hundred acre wood

#1 Write 2 characters who are trying to communicate but there is something standing in their way: physical, ideological, or emotional. Establish the barrier then try to make your characters understand one another, using every means possible.

I had been waiting for that piano for a long time. My old piano, the brown Everett spinett that my Daddy bought for me, had been in the townshouse in Tallahassee that I shared with my first husband. When I left him, I had no way of moving it with me. Rather than selling it, I gave it to my younger brother, who lived in Tallahassee at the time.

This new one, a sleek black Yamaha studio professional upright, is one we bought from a fellow out on Pensacola Beach. It was picked up by a music company in town and made it as far out to our place in the country before breaking down on the side of the road. Buck wasn’t taking any chances, since it wasn’t going to be repaired until morning, and went to a hardware store for a combination lock to put on the back doors of the truck.

The next morning, one of the workers in my home-based business looked out the window and saw the driver and one other man get out of the truck. Soon, she realized someone unusual about the second man, and called out to me.

“The good news is your piano is here. The bad news is the mover is blind.”

She was right. At first, I imagined ebony and ivory toothpicks scattered out all over the brick steps leading up to the front door. ames As things turned out, James Justice was an unusual man: blind and a fine piano mover and tuner.

At first, we tried to help him too much. Buck is the one who realized we just needed to ask him what he needed from us and then back off and let him do his thing.

He had only three questions: How many steps are there to the front door? Where is the room the piano will be in? What are the dimesions of that room?


#2  Concentrate on language & make a list of common words that connote particular feelings and evoke certain responses — universal.

Holy shit!

You’ve got to be kidding me!

Son of a bitch!



It’s a girl!

It’s a boy!


#3 Riff word is Mother

Too much stuff here. I do a riff on the mother theme almost every day. Well, not so much anymore. . .

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