full circle in the hundred acre wood

Wild Grouper Pesto 

After the doctor visit this afternoon, Buck and I delivered our 2008 tax package to our good friend and accountant, Bill Bass, intrepid globe-trotting volunteer at archeological dig sites and vintage Ford Thunderbird collector, altogether an amazing fellow.

Next, we traveled a few more blocks to Joe Patti’s Seafood and found a beautiful wild grouper fillet and a pint of well-picked jumbo lump crab meat.

At home, I dusted the grouper with Montreal Steak seasoning and then slathered it with a mix of pesto, Dijon mustard and a smidge of mayonaise. After 10 minutes under the broiler, it was ready to go. While it cooked, I sauteed some fresh baby spinach with a tablespoon of pine nuts in a little olive oil, and warmed the crabmeat.

This dinner and a glass of crisp Georgia White was a whole lot better than a dose of Mule Kick!

0 thoughts on “Wild Grouper Pesto with Lump Crab

  1. Beth, that food looks too good for words!
    I was tickled to see your comment on my new blog. Denny and I talk regularly about what you and Buck are doing. Funny that we’ve never met but the two of us feel connected because of your writing. You’ve always been my example of great story-telling blogging. I still remember the first post I ever read of yours. It was about Buck being the best man at his son’s wedding. You ended the post, “And he still is.” Few words, potent meaning. Lovely.
    I was sorry to read about your pain. Hope there’s a sooner-than-later cure. And sorry to hear about the nightsweats. They’re hard because fatigue drains the days. My experience, from the years after chemo when my body was catywompus, was that daytime exercise hard enough to break a sweat for 30 minutes, seemed to moderate the inner thermostat at night. No idea why.


  2. Dick says:

    ‘Slathered’ is a word that I’m going to take away with me. Wish I could take away the contents of the picture too…


  3. Beth says:

    Hey Dick,
    You and yours have a standing invitation to dinner at The Longleaf Bar & Grill whenever you make your next American tour. Just think: from here you could go to Oxford (Mississipi, that is), New Orleans, and maybe even on to Graceland to pay homage to The King.


  4. Beth says:

    Kathleen, it’s such a treat to have conversation with you again. When it comes time to do publicity for your book, I hope you’ll do a blog tour (like Fiona Robyn’s tours) and let Switched At Birth be one of the hosts. The readership may be small, but it is mighty! 🙂 (and very, very smart)
    And yes, that “break a sweat” exercise is the medicine for many things. Buck and I call it “blowing out the carbon.”
    Great to hear from you.


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