full circle in the hundred acre wood

Thanks to author/editor Barry Basden for publishing my piece, A Bed for Drunken Robins, at Camroc Press Review.  It’s up today.

Note: Camroc is “looking for micro prose or poetry that moves us to joy or sadness or anger or any other real emotion that illuminates the human condition.

Send us something that’s not over 550 words. If we like it, we’ll publish it.”

Bloggers: start your engines. Click on over there and submit! No kidding. It won’t hurt a bit.

0 thoughts on “Camroc Press Review

  1. Shaddy says:

    I can’t tell you how your writing in A Bed For Drunken Robins affected me. Well, maybe I can.
    I don’t cry easily and your words had me very close to shedding tears.
    Your story is amazing and powerful.
    It deserved to be published and deserves more than that.


  2. Walk says:

    I echo what Shaddy said. The way you weave your words always amaze me, many thanks for sharing them with the world, it it a better place for it.


  3. Ruth D~ says:

    Moving piece, Elizabeth.


  4. Florice says:

    A sensitive, wonderful piece of writing. A tribute to the courage to embrace beauty and not settle for ashes.


  5. deanna says:

    Hi, Elizabeth. I’ve enjoyed sampling your work, at Camroc Press and Brevity. I’m glad you joined IWW. It’s a good group.


  6. Your passion for words is obvious and a joy to read. You and language danced throughout this lovely piece. Poetry.


  7. Meredith says:

    Beth, I’m glad I re-discovered you through Kathleen’s blog! (I’m Denny’s business partner.) I always loved your writing and was saddened when you stopped your blog some years back.
    This piece is so beautifully written. You have such a gift for weaving words together powerfully and painting vivid pictures that touch my soul.
    Thank you for re-entering my life through your blog.


  8. Dick says:

    A delightful pairing of narratives, Beth. Loved it.


  9. Beautiful Beth. The image of you and Buck as drunken robins really made me smile and give thanks for fearless living powered by love. Your writing continues to grow and become, much like that gift you finally unwrapped when you recognised the beauty beneath the on first glance maybe tough wrapping:0). So good that two hearts met and managed to hold on to their truth and so very good how you have expressed that beginning and the ever becoming of two lives joined in a personal truth that feeds many with its joy.


  10. A gorgeous poem! I love the interplay of current scene and the past, and the way the depths are layered with understood narrative–for instance, learning the lover sleeps in the next room deepens the musing, meditative mood. So much is going right in this poem.


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