full circle in the hundred acre wood

Once there was a television commercial starring a little boy who stands at his home’s front door and loudly announces that he is runing away. “I’m leaving now!” he said. He opened the door a crack, but never actually left the room.

“There is creative magic in the old blog for me, after all,” I said in a tiny voice.

I thought I could still read your blogs and that would do it for me. Huh uh. I miss the interaction. I miss you. Besides, sitting on the sidelines feels voyeuristic, and I like to play. 

The words in this space may be hesitant and sketchy, while I find my voice again. Feels like being in the middle of one of those swinging bridges I remember from a childhood visit to a state park.

The other reading/writing is going fine, but I’m not as happy. “Switched” is a space where I can stretch, lighten up, play and visit.

Green_baby_ink_footprintThis is me tiptoeing quietly back into the room. That’s all for now. We had a huge rain, thunder and lightning storm all day. Suddenly, the clock reminds me it’s time to fix supper.


0 thoughts on “Retrieving the Baby from the Bath Water

  1. Quiet hello.
    Peaked here this evening, to check your reading recommendations. School is near. I am leaving to go away for a few days with hubby ( Arizona) , and might get a bit of a book in, but plan to hike and take pictures and recharge.
    I hope you received my earlier email.
    Looking forward to reading whatever small bits you offer. Best wishes on the writing.


  2. Dave says:

    I knew you’d be back. 🙂


  3. Gary says:

    Good to see you back again…


  4. Beth says:

    Arizona is a beautiful state, but one I haven’t explored yet. Where will you be hiking? I hope some photos and travel notes will show up at “Talk At The Table.”
    Safe journey, Deb. Enjoy your trip!


  5. Beth says:

    Of course you did, Dave. You’ve seen this act before! Over the years, I think it’s happened twice (maybe three times) before. At least this time I only password-protected the site rather than burning down the house like the time before. . .


  6. Beth says:

    Thanks Gary. Nice to be home. My morning feels right again.


  7. Paula says:

    How nice to find you back! I just hit the SAB link on favorites list (for old time’s sake) and bingo! There you are! Hope your sabbatical was fruitful.


  8. deanna says:

    A very nice surprise. Sometime I’ll show you my journal (or maybe not), where I wrote more than once I was through with blogging. Sometimes you have to be through with it, and sometimes you need to come back. I’m glad you’re back. :o)


  9. Beth says:

    Thank you, Paula — and yes, it was!


  10. Beth says:

    Deanna, I would love to see your journals someday. I would even show you mine that never see the light of day. Wish Oregon (that lovely state) was closer to Florida!


  11. Beth, what a wonderful surprise to lighten up my morning…recently my bloglines list has seemed a little empty without you. Besides, I know you couldn’t stay away….^-^
    Thanks for returning.


  12. Welcome back, Beth. I’ve missed your posts.


  13. Walk says:

    Yipee!! You’re back!!!


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