full circle in the hundred acre wood

I am dwelling in the Hall of Unfinished Projects, dragging yellow legal pads, old half-finished Wakimbo notebooks, steno pads and dark-ages photos I want to scan from pillar to post, dribbling chocolate thought crumbs all along the way.

Why did I go upstairs? Why did I come back down? Is there a reason I am sitting on the floor looking at all those old Garden and Gun magazines? One thing I do know. My wash-softened electric blue sweat pants sure are comfortable. (Maybe because the cinch string fell out and now they rest lightly hanging by an agnostic prayer just over my high, wide hip bones. ) And the old flannel shirt I rediscover every time we have the inevitable few days of cold weather in January feels like chamois against my skin.

Oh, yes. I went upstairs to look for the photos from our 1985 soiree along the coasts of California, the one we took a year after eloping to Alabama, when we could squeeze a generous 21 days away from work for a honeymoon.

We fell in love with Monterrey Bay, California and Gold Beach, Oregon. I burned the soles of my feet on the hot, dark beach sand, and ate oatmeal at The Inn at Otter Crest from a bowl made by a local potter. Strangely, I still remember the artist’s name. It was Jacob D’Acurso. Thinking of that long ago breakfast, I smell cinnamon.

 Scan0093 This harbor scene looks like a Impressionist water color to me. It reeks with mystery and romance. All those little boats. Endless reflections.

 Scan0079 Do you suppose this California “designer squirrel” has stored up enough nuts for the winter? We spotted him on the rocks on the 17-mile drive alongside Monterrey Bay.

 Scan0097 “You talkin’ to me?”

 Scan0106 Speechless. For once.




0 thoughts on “Old Pics Cal/Ore ’85

  1. Deb says:

    Mmm. I’m inspired to try this project, leaving out none of the details.
    Lovely way to recapture it, and Dave R. is right about the sea/rock shot.


  2. tim says:

    Thanks, Beth. I appreciate the encouragement.
    Did you see this post on the Brevity blog about submitting to the Yalobusha Review?
    It appears to me to have more current information than what’s on the journal’s site. You do really well with flash non-fiction, so I thought it would be worth mentioning.


  3. Shaddy says:

    What a fun trip your photos took me on!


  4. Sid says:

    Regarding your ‘speechless’ photo:
    Back broken
    ‘neath the bottom of the ocean
    2,000 fathoms if it were five.
    Continent and ocean colliding
    makes for a long, slow dive.
    And thrust back to the surface
    to suffer the beat of wave and sun.
    Twenty million years it took to climb:
    Turning rock into sand in mediocre rhyme.
    ~Geologists are usually proscribed from writing poetry – now we see why 🙂 But a great set of photos!


  5. Dick says:

    Glorious pictures, each one. How far from this frozen hill it all seems today!


  6. Paula says:

    Stunning photos, and I think I’m going to put up a sign over my office door, saying “Hall of Unfinished Projects.” Great post!


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