full circle in the hundred acre wood

0 thoughts on “No Words Sweetness from the Longleaf Woods

  1. Elizabeth A says:

    and to you as well —
    by the way, I so enjoyed going over to the other site, although it was quite intense and I feel as if I have to go back and really think carefully about what you’re writing before even attempting to comment —
    be well —


  2. Gullible says:

    Ah. I needed four-wheel drive to get out of my driveway this a.m.due to thawing/freezing cycles and a little new sloppy snow. Law requires us to have the studded tires off by May 1. Cutting it close here, Mother Nature. Nice photos, Beth.


  3. Denny Coates says:

    Gorgeous. So easy to be mindful and appreciative this time of year…
    I hope things are going your way…


  4. well my dream would include living on a property that includes something like this!


  5. I love your photos because everything is just as it should be…natural, organic.


  6. Walk says:

    Aw, Longleaf in Spring is beautiful.


  7. Dick says:

    Good to have you back.


  8. What gorgeous images. You looked and got in close. Wow.


  9. Beth says:

    I feel that way all the time when I read your words, Elizabeth. Sometimes I leave a comment and then think, “Oh, God, that was dumb.” But does that ever stop me? (Yeah, every now and then.)


  10. Beth says:

    Thank you, Richard. Nose to nose with Spring is a great place to be.


  11. Beth says:

    Thank you, Dick. Hope there is no Icelandic ash falling on your new home.


  12. Beth says:

    Ah, Walk, I’ve missed you, buddy. Thanks for stopping by.


  13. Beth says:

    Yes, even the mosquitoes! But you’re right. Small price to pay. Thanks, Leslie.


  14. Beth says:

    Hello my Alaska friend — I think of you laughing at me every time I am tempted to do a little “weather talk” about the severe winter we had around here.


  15. Beth says:

    Thank you, Denny. Those bluebell and other hill country flower photos Kathleen has been posting are dazzling. And you’re right: it’s much easier to be thankful for what we are receiving when the weather is mild, the sun is out, and the flowers are blooming.


  16. Beth says:

    And you have the landscape gardening skills to give Mom Nature help in just the right places.


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