full circle in the hundred acre wood

Dear Anne,

Your call was such a pleasure to all of us. It is good to know that you people are on the go. I suspect – like me – there are times when you don't go far! You are so much younger than I that I seldom think of your having ill feelings. In some respects, I am permanently improved. For the most part, I have ups and downs.

What is your area code and telephone number? There is an amplifier in my telephone, now. I might succeed in a call. I can try, anyway. I'll tell you what night I'll try, but I need the telephone number. If I should not get an answer, I would try at other times.

Years ago, I made calls from Ozark to Dothan (dental appointments, etc.). I could understand the speakers well. Now, I can understand people on the lines here – most of them, at least.

Occasionally I receive no answer at Frances K.'s telephone. I at once wonder why and where about her. Usually, it turns out that she is away for a few days. She would tell me, but I never hear the ring. She doesn't or can't use her fingers in writing – hence the lack of communication.

Emmie McLain's granddaughter, Lisa McLain, married August 4th. There was a wedding in Pea River Church. Emmie uses a walker – I'll bet she attended. She hasn't reported. She says her hearing and her eyesight are both much poorer.

Patt and Laverne declare that they are briskly on the go. She did not answer today. She works on Saturday morning occasionally. Either that is where she is or she is away. Patt is away on Saturday some days. I have not seen him since last Saturday. He may show up shortly,

The Jackson and Keahey families have been friends from way back. That is one reason I have an interest in their affairs. Another is your tie-up with them.

How is Mrs. Pelfrey? (Clyde's mother.) No doubt you know all about them.

Alto Loftin has been on the Board of Education for many years. I do not know Superintendent Edson. When I was in the system, it was considered one of the best in the state. Too, that was true when I was in school in Clio.

Love to you all,

Aunt Ruth

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