full circle in the hundred acre wood


Don’t even ask.



Okay. I’ll tell you anyway. Some of you may have seen one of these St. Joseph Home Selling Kits. You may have even used one. I was emptying out some drawers in my study recently and found the one in the picture. It was sent to me by a nice lady I talked to on the phone a couple of years ago when Buck was being treated for lymphoma (now in complete remission) and we were thinking it might make sense to sell our home in Pensacola and move to the Jacksonville area to be close to his doctors at Mayo Clinic. I was researching all the options, including a cursory look at one of those Life Care communities, and she was director of sales there.

So now, unrelated to lymphoma, our house is on the market and it seems to need a little oomph to attract the right folks to come fall in love and make us move.  A few days ago, our realtors and some of their associates and clients got into a lively discourse about the St. Joseph Home Selling Kits on Facebook. I thought, well, why not? So I buried St. Joseph, upside down poor guy, out in the winter brown front yard.

I came back in and told Buck he’d better start packing, because I had just set in motion a series of irrevocable events and the house was good as sold.


I’ll let you know what happens.

Anybody else ever do this?

2 thoughts on “Unusual Home-Selling Rituals

  1. Wally Jones says:

    Couldn’t hurt. Stranger things have happened. If a flower sprouts in that spot be sure to take a picture!


    1. Beth says:

      There have been several calls (which amounts to furious activity!) to our realtor since poor old St. Joe went into the ground head first. They’re a little off the mark, but still. I remember how I laughed up my sleeve at the water witch at our (former) place in the North Carolina mountains until he pointed to a spot that turned out to be the source of a nice vein of underground water. (This was after our well drilled by more conventional means went dry the day we moved in.)


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