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We’ve all heard the old saying: “A picture is worth 1,000 words.” Buck (a/k/a Frank) and I have learned that two pictures and some anxious citizens willing to express themselves can be worth a unanimous vote on the County Commission, too. We’ve been worried about the condition of the road that passes by our gate for a long time. The following is an email we sent to each of the commissioners, our school board member and the superintendent, and several senior staff people at the county, including the administrator (a good man).  Buck and I were trying to get from our home to a doctor appointment in town when we got tangled up with the late afternoon traffic mess on our dilapidated road. Buck said, “Do you have your phone?” Me: “Sure.” Buck: “Start taking pictures.”  The pictures were too much for the commissioners. The board has now voted to approve 100% engineering to straighten and extend Kingsfield Road. We’re still on tenterhooks about safety, since the project will almost certainly take two years, and pray for all who travel it in its current condition, especially the school buses full of kids.

2:45 p.m., Oct. 19. Running the “Kingsfield Gauntlet” on a road not built to handle it. And, this is the “good” part the road, between Hwy 97 and the first 90-degree blind curve, just east of Feldon Lane. I took these pictures through my windshield: school buses trying to pass on this narrow road, less than 18 feet wide, with sand accumulated from eroding shoulders, crumbling pavement, tree hazards, and roots threatening to blow out tires.

The oncoming bus has to pull off onto the shoulder to allow the eastbound bus to get by.

This dump truck following the westbound bus pulled onto the bank and stopped to give the eastbound bus room to pass, stacking up vehicles in both directions. This sort of thing goes on during morning and afternoon drive time, Monday through Friday. Imagine such encounters on the three blind 90-degree curves.

Frank and I wondered how the folks – some 120 families – who live off West Kingsfield between Hwy 97 and Beulah Road, felt about the surging traffic and the deteriorating road. We went online to elicit opinions from people who live in our neighborhood and/or drive on this dangerous stretch of road frequently.

Sample comments

“I hate it. Our road wasn’t built for the amount, or type, of traffic it’s getting as they all attempt to avoid 9 mile. Trucks aren’t even supposed to be coming this way and are often halfway in the other lane to avoid the crumbling edges of the road. And they are all going way too fast for the curves and condition in order to make it to their shift at Navy Fed or one of the construction sites on time.” Kaylin Young

“My grandson has to ride on those school buses on that terrible road!!!! This really frightens me!!!!” Sonja Douglas

“I drive a pick up and I have clipped side mirrors with other pick ups it’s so close.” Charlie Webb

“It’s a pig trail in the sense that it is a narrow roadway with the vegetation on both sides not kept back, not in the sense of traffic volume. It needs to be widened and the ROW on both sides cut back.” Charles Sansom

“I agree, way too much thru traffic. I usually will come to a stop before a curve because of how fast ppl come speeding around them and are always in my lane! More then once I have gotten an apologetic wave from a fellow vehicle speeding around the curb into my lane. I usually have my 1yr old in tow with me. A lot of ppl don’t realize there are certain parts where you cannot get off the road because of a deep ditch so close or from a stump sticking out into the road…don’t need my sidewall blown again! I pray a solution is found. . .” Crystal Harris

“We hope to get the hell out as soon as possible. This place is nothing more than a nightmare and a deathtrap these days.” and “I sure wish we could do more to protect ourselves and our neighbors.” Cara Thibodeaux Overhalser

The Takeaway

  1. Folks who live here and travel this section of West Kingsfield are upset, anxious, worried and becoming angrier by the day.
  2. Support is growing to build the Kingsfield Extension now and put the majority of the thru traffic onto the safe, modern road envisioned by the county’s state-approved Midwest Escambia Sector Plan and let the existing portion of Kingsfield from the first bad curve onward return to being primarily a local road.

Asked whether she supported the planned Kingsfield Extension to take traffic off the existing road where she lives, Cara Thibodeaux Overhalser said, “Absolutely! We had hoped this would come to fruition, but I think it has gone by the wayside.” And Charlie Webb said, “Looks as if the extension of Kingsfield to Beulah will just miss me. It will be needed with all the schools on Kingsfield. I watched Wednesday morning 18 wheeler coming around the sharp curve . . . took up the whole curve.”

We’ve talked to a number of our neighbors who strongly agree, and found none who don’t.


Frank and I understand social media is not a perfect medium But sometimes it can shed light as well as heat, as in the attached full exchange about Kingsfield which occurred between Friday afternoon (October 27) and Sunday morning (October 29). We urge you to read it.


The following was posted on a high-traffic social media “citizens watch: website in Escambia County for the purpose of eliciting feedback from folks who live on, near, or have to travel W. Kingsfield Road frequently.

Elizabeth Westmark

October 27 at 3:44pm

Anyone experiencing problems or feeling anxious about traffic safety on W. Kingsfield between Hwy. 97 and Beulah Road?

It’s too narrow (18 feet wide and effectively less because of tree limb and root hazards, plus three 90 degree blind curves) for a school bus and dump truck to safely pass. Good for the dump truck driver who pulled over onto the bank and stopped so the bus could get by. Two school buses alongside each other are too close for comfort. Photos taken yesterday afternoon about 2:45.

All of us who live out here have paid our taxes and coped with it in silence for years, but because of dramatic growth in this part of the county, plus people trying to avoid detours and road construction in other areas, traffic is literally surging and it’s clear that a tipping point has been reached and something needs to be done. We’ve all been lucky that a disaster has been averted so far. Right now there are 30 school bus trips per day, with more to come when the new Kingsfield Elementary currently under construction opens. The road bed itself is a pothole patchwork, not wide enough for white striping. The county still doesn’t own right of way on the road, so there is no provision for drainage and the water lines (mostly under the road) are too narrow to be connected to true fire hydrants for fire suppression. I’ve been told we only have “flush” hydrants in this area rather than fire hydrants. Can anyone confirm?


Jacqueline Aimee RogersGroup Admin This is what nightmares are made of for me! Yikes!

Sharon Mills yikes!

Traci Folk Henderson This is crazy


Elizabeth Westmark And these pictures were taken on the straight part of the road. Imagine the trucks and buses all together on the 90-degree curves.

Charles Sansom JrGroup Moderator Ive often wondered why that stretch has never been upgraded. Its pretty much a pig trail with a little asphalt laid over it.

Elizabeth Westmark Unfortunately, your description is dead on.

Max Karimi That dump truck shouldn’t be there, isn’t that a no truck route


Joanna Harrell Yikes…

Tony Curtis Vance They need to get the others roads done then work on kingsfeild

Jacqueline Aimee RogersGroup Admin “Development over people” sadly seems to be the rallying cry of most (not all) officials. Somehow the money will flow down and fix all this as we even spend more money chasing more development (economic, commercial, or residential.)

Charlie Webb I lived here between the two curves for 27 years and it is a freeway all day. It is NOT a pig trail by the way.

Elizabeth Westmark You’re right. It’s not. I let my emotions react. It’s just a small road doing the best it can to handle volumes of traffic that are overwhelming its limitations.

Charles Sansom JrGroup Moderator Its a pigtrail in the sense that it is a narrow roadway with the vegetation on both sides not kept back, not in the sense of traffic volume. It needs to be widened and the ROW on both sides cut back.


Jacqueline Aimee RogersGroup Admin Sounds like there is still no actual right of way?

Elizabeth Westmark It’s my understanding, Charles Sansom Jr, the county doesn’t own any ROW on that stretch of road, so until they buy some, they can’t widen the road, maintain the shoulders or solve this growing problem.


Elizabeth Westmark Jacqueline Aimee Rogers That’s right.

Jacqueline Aimee RogersGroup Admin So if this were occasional traffic, then a small road would be ok but with that kind of traffic, it is just dangerous. Sorry you guys are experiencing it. Any response from the county as to how they will solve this?


Cara Thibodeaux Overhalser If they decide to widened the road, I will have no front yard. There is only 40 ft from my front door to the EOP.

Elizabeth Westmark Jacqueline Aimee Rogers Well, you’re right. It is dangerous. My husband and I have talked to the county staff and most of the commissioners. They’re generally aware of the problems even though they don’t live with them every day like the rest of us. Th…See More

Jacqueline Aimee RogersGroup Admin Ah, the Plan approved by the state but disregarded by the BCC (my opinion) …

Cara Thibodeaux Overhalser We hope to get the hell out as soon as possible. This place is nothing more than a nightmare and a deathtrap these days.

Jacqueline Aimee RogersGroup Admin Cara, if you own it, offer to sell to the county for drainage and right of way and it could be a win/win. Sorry you are experiencing the traffic. 😞

Cara Thibodeaux Overhalser Not sure if it would help we just have a .75 ac lot on the last stretch of small houses before Beulah Rd. Actually I would love for them to take it off our hands! Lol

Jacqueline Aimee RogersGroup Admin Well, sounds like at least for right of way they might?

Cara Thibodeaux Overhalser They would have to take more than just mine, maybe every house from Racer to Beulah Rd.

Elizabeth Westmark Jacqueline Aimee Rogers Cara Thibodeaux Overhalser There is a better way, Cara. The county should go ahead now and implement its Sector Plan approved 6 years ago. That calls for running Kingsfield Road straight west to Beulah Road, starting at the fir…See More

Cara Thibodeaux Overhalser Absolutely! We had hoped this would come to fruition, but I think it has gone by the wayside.

Cara Thibodeaux Overhalser The masterplan for wildwood estates calls for turn lanes on Kingsfield

Jacqueline Aimee RogersGroup Admin True, that would take the pressure off that other part.
I am just so frustrated with a county that only implements the new housing and commercial developments but doesn’t care about making sure the roads are ready for the increased traffic and doesn’t…See More

Cara Thibodeaux Overhalser I sure wish we could do more to protect ourselves and neighbors

Elizabeth Westmark Cara Thibodeaux Overhalser I believe conversations like tonight’s are a big step in doing that. Sharing our viewpoints, resources and information is a great start.

Elizabeth Westmark Jacqueline Aimee Rogers Signs are springing up around the neighborhood, too, that demonstrate residents’ concerns about the surging traffic. Signs like “caution! Curve!“ And “drive like your child lives here.“ That’s a new thing, and I believe signals that general anxiety over the road is rising. Folks have begun to feel they just have to do something.

Jacqueline Aimee RogersGroup Admin There is a Corridor meeting for the proposed Beulah Beltway on Monday, Oct. 30, 2017, I believe at Hillcrest Baptist Church on E. Nine Mile Rd.
While it is more about a North/South route through the Sector Plan, that will/could tie into Kingsfield Rd at some point, so you may want to attend and tell your neighbors. You guys on Kingsfield should ban together for answers. Details at www.beulahbeltway.com

Elizabeth Westmark Jacqueline Aimee Rogers I may take a thermos of hot chocolate, but Frank and I will be there!


Jacqueline Aimee RogersGroup Admin Lol, I may bring a chair and a fan … Just kidding. This should be a good sized venue.


Cara Thibodeaux Overhalser The speeders have also gotten way out of control from Racer to Beulah Rd. I contacted the Escambia County Sheriffs office to see about having someone come out to monitor the traffic, I have yet to receive a call back. Unfortunately it will only get worse. They will have to address the situation at somepoint, as there is a master plan of 881 lots named Wildwood Estates that has been submitted to DRC. Its property owned by Devine Farms which basically surrounds Kingsfield Rd…….

Wanda Gill Yes it is way to small

Charlie Webb I drive a pick up and I have clipped side mirrors with other pick ups it’s so close.

Elizabeth Westmark I know what you mean, Charlie. I have a bright red rear view mirror collected from our gate at the 3rd curve. I’m guessing it was clipped and knocked off in one of those close encounters of the W. Kingsfield kind!

Kayla Boutwell I agree that that road way is way to thin.

Eric S McCowan What makes me more anxious than that, is watching school bus drivers run red lights. That’s some scary stuff. I have a few dash cam videos of two buses in the last month, blatantly running a red light.

Sonja Douglas My grandson has to ride on those school buses on that terrible road!!!! This really frightens me!!!!


Elizabeth Westmark Every letter, email and phone call to our District 5 Commissioner, Mr. Steven Barry, will help raise awareness of your concern. Our grandkids (most went to Pine Meadow, Ransom and Tate) are grown now, but I still worry every day when I see the school buses trying to negotiate the curves and other hazards on this dangerous road, which is way below current county standards.

Sonja Douglas Thank you I will be blowing up there phones and I will be sending letters Prayers for everyone who lives out that way!!! They definitely need to take action before it’s too late!!!! Thank you for caring!!!

Sean Bullington Do you all really want Kingsfield road to be the new highway extension for I-10 Beulah road exchange? That is a lot of highway traffic for three schools and multiple subdivisions. Urban sprawl on steroids.

Elizabeth Westmark Everyone should get themselves familiar with the Sector Plan boundaries, requirements, rights and obligations of both developers and the county. The conceptual map (approved by the state in 2011) calls for not only the extension of Kingsfield west to Beulah (look at the map to see where it is planned to go), but for a north-south developer-built road (known as the Woodlands Parkway) to intersect with the extended Kingsfield so that freight/commercial traffic would go north to Muscogee and possibly beyond on that road. Here’s a link to the map: https://myescambia.com/…/long-range-conceptual…

Charlie Webb Looks as the extension of Kingsfield to Beulah will just miss me.It will be needed with all the schools on Kingsfield.I watched Wednesday morning 18 wheeler coming around the sharp curve…took up the whole curve

Sean Bullington You seem to talk down to me.
I have seen the sector plan maps.
The maps have community centers. But there are no community centers. The maps do not have the three schools on Kingsfields, but they are there and common sense would think that a unnecessary highway should go by elementary, middle schoolers.
But if you want a highway for Kingsfield, can you explain why?
Are you involved in big development?

Sean Bullington Charlie Webb will Kingsfield become a highway? Extension of I-10 / Beulah interchange?

Charlie Webb Sean I haven’t been keeping up with this sector plan much but looking at the map it what it looks like to me????

Sean Bullington Charlie Webb I was just hoping that if we have to go by a sector plan that wasn’t voted by the citizens taxpayers, that we could at least get the perks of high growth population First. We have no community center. We have no nice parks like the one beside the equestrian ( Beulah). No nice bicycle/ jogging paths. Nothing that go with this sector plan map and urban sprawl. No infrastructure.
Knowing how this county has operated in the past; the taxpayers don’t get anything that helps with way of life / living until it is too late.
– Yes, we have lots of houses and developers ready to add more apartments, patio homes and more, but no one adding what is important to people to live a healthier and happier life.
—The map doesn’t show that a new school would be going in on Kingsfield. And that the new school would not serve the majority of elementary kids around it. 297A is the Dist cut off. So the kids east of 297A are not in the new school’s Dist. That doesn’t make sense in so many way. What a waste of money and community support. Mind as well give taxpayers the bird when making Dist lines. County doesn’t care about taxpayers.

Elizabeth Westmark Sean Bullington Sean, I’m sorry you got that impression. I didn’t intend to be talking directly to you at all. I know you are informed about the Sector Plan. I was talking to my neighbors who are concerned, as I am, about the horrific traffic problem we have now on Kingsfield west of Highway 97, and how to deal with it.And no, I’m not involved in any developments, big or small. Neither is my husband or any of our family. I’m just a 66 year old grandmother who has lived here on Kingsfield for nearly 20 years. I’ve seen all the changes that have taken place. All of our children and grandchildren are grown, but I worry about the little ones who live here now. All I want is to have Kingsfield west of Hwy 97 straightened and brought up to county standards the same as Kingsfield east of Hwy 97 all the way to Chemstrand Road.

Jacqueline Aimee RogersGroup Admin How is straightening out Kingsfield Rd. going to make it a ‘highway’?
The traffic is there, whether we like it or not. There should be other east/west roads to take the pressure off of Kingsfield, too, and then either the Beulah Beltway or the Developer paid for Woodlands Parkway going North/South. The county knew they approved these plans but never seriously pursued them while they approve all the housing developments at rapid speed.
They had a chance to decide if they wanted to keep the Sector Plan and for whatever reason (I don’t think that they had enough recent public dialogue with all concerned residents) they affirmed their decision to keep the Sector Plan.
So now, make it a priority to get the infrastructure in place before the Sector Plan areas explodes like Beulah and makes this situation even worse.

Sean Bullington Elizabeth Westmark do you think the traffic will increase on Kingsfield if it is tied into I-10 Beulah exchange?
Do you think traffic would lessen on Kingsfield if Muscogee was the main tie in for I-10 traffic from Beulah interchange?

Sean Bullington Jacqueline Aimee Rogers if Kingsfield Road is the main east west artery for I-10 Beulah interchange, then yes it will have almost all the interstate traffic. Because if Kingsfield is the main E/W artery, then Kingsfield will have to be widen and the county will have to take people’s front yards away to make room for a future 4 lane road on Kingsfield. It’s not if, but when : if Kingsfield is the main E/W artery. That is how Kingsfield becomes a Hwy. Do you trust The County to due the right thing?


Sean Bullington Maybe Pine Forest, Hwy 29 and Muscogee rd should be the high focus to move traffic with I-10 Beulah exchange?

Sean Bullington That is a lot of people losing about 30-50’ft of there front-yards.


Jacqueline Aimee RogersGroup Admin Muscogee is definitely under roadwork now and because of the Bluffs, it will be used as an East/West route. If Kingsfield and Well Line are done also, it will spread out the traffic.

Sean Bullington Jacqueline Aimee Rogers if Wellline and if Muscogee is used as primary routes.
Muscogee is not getting 4 lanes as on now. So that leaves a lot more questions unanswered.
And that is Escambia County, the unclear, unanswered and not enough push towards being a pro-infrastructure intelligent county.

Jacqueline Aimee RogersGroup Admin Priorities are off as the government should be making sure that the infrastructure is ready for new development, not purchasing land and doing the development at tax payer expense, hoping it pays off later. (Cough …OLF)


Sean Bullington Jacqueline Aimee Rogers so you agree that the county can not be trusted to do the correct things on the own. All 5 supported going forward with OLF and still no master plan.

Jacqueline Aimee RogersGroup Admin I think that the county needs more input from the citizens so they realize that their priorities may be different from those who donate to campaigns. If the commission needs help to do the right thing, then that is where concerned citizens step in.
The OLFx issue was pretty far into the stages for some of the commissioners to pull out. I think they are hoping to always get it to a break even point now with so much invested. (ie. Have enough land value from the Nine Mile OLF8 that will counter the cost of buying and developing OLFx in Santa Rosa County. ) What the OLF at Nine Mile Rd ends up being is ever evolving from listening to the meetings.

Sean Bullington Main point; a lot of right away has to be taken from taxpayers on Kingsfield to make a wider road that could go 4 lanes.
Better to make it easier for traffic to use Muscogee than Kingsfield. But if Citizen want to spend more time and money taking eminent domain over taxpayers property on Kingsfield Road, then I politely disagree.

Jacqueline Aimee RogersGroup Admin I am not sure that anyone is advocating making Kingsfield Rd four lanes, just straightening it out in the very west end. Muscogee will not even be four lanes.

Sean Bullington Straighten it out, without doing a great connection to Muscogee is asking for a majority of I-10 traffic to use Kingsfield.
I do not hear you advocating to use Muscogee First and improve Muscogee.
Too much talk on increasing Kingsfield road traffic via straightening it and not enough of getting a majority of traffic to Muscogee.
Most Developers do not care about anything but the money. Where are the nice parks? Bicycle / jogging paths? Community center?


Sean Bullington Jacqueline Aimee Rogers and if most traffic is to stay off of Kingsfield, Muscogee will need to go four lanes. It one or the other. Look at Pine Forest for exhibit A.
The Bluffs gets started and the I-10 Beulah north bound traffic will increase before the open sign is posted at the Bluffs.

Jacqueline Aimee RogersGroup Admin They are already improving Muscogee. I am not sure why they aren’t widening it but they aren’t. They have already done the engineering study for Well Line Rd. It is not a matter of me ‘advocating’ for anything. I am just talking about what the county h…See More

Sean Bullington Jacqueline Aimee Rogers school district forcing people of Beulah to go across I 10 sure does not help with traffic on Kingsfield. We are right near the new Kingsfield elementary, but we are not in it’s district. But Kingsfield elementary will take students south of I-10?!!?

Jacqueline Aimee RogersGroup Admin Will the new school redistricting change that? That does seem odd. I believe schools should be as local as possible to the students that attend (except intentional transfers.)


Sean Bullington I am not saying not to straighten out a Kingsfield, but get other issues completed first.
Kinda like D4 wanting to do roundabouts but not mass quantity parking. Taxpayers citizens say “ we need more parking “, but BOCC says we going to have additional 30 spot and we are doing roundabouts first?!!?

Sean Bullington Jacqueline Aimee Rogers SB member Adams said no.
297A is the West / East split.


Sean Bullington 2018/2019 was the Dist timeline for Kingsfield Elementary. ??? What are they thinking?

Jacqueline Aimee RogersGroup Admin Well, in this case, they already spent close to a million on a plan that they reaffirmed that they want. I say get going on it all and quit the economic development gambles. Infrastructure and public safety first. Consider reinstating concurrency rules so development doesn’t outpace the infrastructure.

Jacqueline Aimee RogersGroup Admin So …just to ease your mind … Muscogee is being improved currently. Well Line has been studied, I think just needs money for construction.
Kingsfield needs to be studied (engineered) first anyway. There is also Quintette that is supposed to be done. All in the plan.

Sean Bullington Jacqueline Aimee Rogers I would agree… if development wasn’t so far ahead of infrastructure and safety that it was not at a dangerous level.
Not enough deputies to patrol, fire department under prepared with the tool needed ( how many stories is NF), roads, street lights ….


Sean Bullington Jacqueline Aimee Rogers I knew about Muscogee. But Muscogee is like 9 Mile rd. By the time they are done with Muscogee and 9 Mile they are going to have make improvements again before the asphalt cools.
Infrastructure is soooo far behind on all levels.

Elizabeth Westmark Jacqueline Aimee Rogers I completely agree. Moving forward with the Kingsfield Extension and other east-west roads along with the north-south connector (presumably the Woodlands Parkway) from I-10 to Muscogee and on to Barrineau Park Road should diffuse traffic, not concentrate it. The Woodlands Parkway would have intersections at Kingsfield extension and Muscogee, plus Well Line and Quintette extensions. All of these road projects are set forth clearly in the state-approved Sector Plan, which is not likely to change. As to Kingsfield, I suppose it is reasonable to assume there may be some additional traffic as a result, but there is no evidence there would be significantly more than we would have anyway. Kingsfield is already a major east-west traffic corridor to Beulah Road. We can’t change that fact. We have to deal with it effectively, and the Sector Plan’s designed route is a way to do that. It needs to be done now. There are lives at stake.


Elizabeth Westmark Sean Bullington I think everyone knows there will be some right of way issues most any time the county decides to build or improve a road. Probably there will be ROW issues on Kingsfield west of Hwy 97 where the county owns no right of way at all, not even the ground under the narrow pavement, only 18 feet wide. There’s no doubt the county will have to pay a high price to property owners now for failing to buy ROW 45 years ago when the road was first paved. It is a mystery to me how you can be so reasonable and supportive of good infrastructure, yet so opposed to fixing problems on Kingsfield west of Hwy 97.

Sean Bullington North south Woodlands is to be paid by the developers. The developers are not all on the same page with getting Woodlands going.
If Woodlands is not in place before I -10 Beulah completion, then all traffic north would go to Kingsfield.

Elizabeth Westmark Jacqueline Aimee Rogers I believe Kingsfield and Quintette have been 30% engineered (for years now) and I think Well Line is at 60%, possibly more.


Jacqueline Aimee RogersGroup Admin Last time I talked with Joy Blackmon, I think Well Line was at 90% or more. We can ask at the Meeting on Monday.

The developers all signed an agreement and only one is new (bought Development property after the original Memorandum of Understanding) but he is willing to sign a new MOU. The original ones have no excuse for not doing what they said. One will benefit from Well Line extension so we shouldn’t do that until he gets with the program.

Elizabeth Westmark Sean Bullington I agree the school redistricting doesn’t seem to make sense in places, but Navy Federal may have as much or more to do with surging traffic on Kingsfield west of Hwy. 97 than the school system. Either way, the bad condition of this section of Kingsfield is the problem, and the solution is the Kingsfield Extension incorporated in the Sector Plan. The two are integral. I don’t think you can reasonably support one and not the other. By the way, I didn’t know you lived on Kingsfield EAST of 97, where the road is in good condition, meeting county standards.


Sean Bullington Elizabeth Westmark good condition? Laughable. You mean the good condition of the narrow bridge that three cars have gone off of? Two of three went to the hospital in critical condition via life flight. That is what you call good condition?!!? How the dump truck that went off the side of the road and nearly hit two pedestrians? Or the motorcyclist that was nearly killed due to blind spots in intersections of Kingsfield road? Road sides that are crumbling that are like pot holes waiting to cause an accident? Families that are afraid to walk beside the road due to traffic/ speeding/ reckless drivers?
Are those the good conditions that you are speaking about? Wow. We are supposed to be a community working together, not throwing the east of Hwy 97 under the bus.


Sean Bullington We have kids and we are on a cut through street with no traffic calming devices. Just as bad as West W Kingsfield.


Jacqueline Aimee RogersGroup Admin But you are against the people who live on the west end fixing their problem?

Jacqueline Aimee RogersGroup Admin Why can’t both issues be dealt with?

Elizabeth Westmark Sean Bullington Kingsfield where you are looks good compared to what we’ve got, but you’ve been arguing against fixing Kingsfield west of 97 most of the day. I have a radical idea. Why don’t we just work together to solve all the problems concerning Kingsfield from Chemstrand to Beulah?

Elizabeth Westmark Sean Bullington Development is not ahead of infrastructure in the Sector Plan. The County has not issued a single development order in the entire Sector Plan from I-10 to Barrineau Park Road since the plan was approved six years ago. The Sector Plan development groups can’t develop until they and the County live up to their agreements (hence the updated Memorandum of Understanding now being finalized). Until the County extends Kingsfield and the other east-west roads and provides rights of way for sewer and full utilities required, the interior of the Sector Plan is dead in the water for lack of infrastructure.

Sean Bullington Jacqueline Aimee Rogers never said that I was against Kingsfield Road.

Jacqueline Aimee RogersGroup Admin Ok, but that is what we are talking about here. Fixing a dangerous traffic problem.

Sean Bullington Elizabeth Westmark Jacqueline Aimee Rogers. Why do you say ( or agree) that I am arguing against fixing Kingsfield issues?
Solutions were brought up by me. There are a lot of traffic issues that I have seen that I have mentioned solutions to other than just west W Kingsfield. So why say I’m arguing?

Sean Bullington Jacqueline Aimee Rogers traffic calming devises now. Get Muscogee to carry most of the traffic rather than Kingsfield and then straighten Kingsfield.
Just being a realistic with the many hurdles that are facing W West Kingsfield right now.
Fixing via straighten right now before anything else will open up more issues. I use W West Kingsfield to get to Beulah. So I do travel that way. But if Muscogee was easier or Pine Forest was easier, I would that way.

Jacqueline Aimee RogersGroup Admin So you are against attempting to straighten and extend Kingsfield? (Scratching head …)

Sean Bullington First sentence I stated my answer to your question.

Jacqueline Aimee RogersGroup Admin How do you get people to stop using Kingsfield? How do you make people use Muscogee?

Sean Bullington Jacqueline Aimee Rogers wow. Where did I say, make people stop using Kingsfield??

Jacqueline Aimee RogersGroup Admin “Get Muscogee to carry most of the traffic rather than Kingsfield”
How do you accomplish that?!

Sean Bullington Jacqueline Aimee Rogers make the north route and Muscogee so nice that most ( not Kingsfield locals) would rather use that route than anything else.
Traffic calming devices detour people now from going down Pine Forest at Kingsfield. Instead they take Ryale or Cricket/ Crocket that have no traffic calming devices.
What ideas do you have?


Jacqueline Aimee RogersGroup Admin Follow the Sector Plan


Elizabeth Westmark Sean Bullington Sean, we need the road now. Other than your continuing argument to kill or to delay it (same thing), what are the “many hurdles” you believe are facing the West Kingsfield Extension project right now? Surely you know the Beulah interchange is at least 5 years away. Do you want to delay Sector Plan development that long? Are you opposed to the Sector Plan, too?

Sean Bullington I guess you don’t like other people ideas.


Sean Bullington Elizabeth Westmark did I say I was opposed to sector plan? Why are you two so angry and showing anger towards me?
What an odd way to gain supporters.

Charlie Webb Build a bridge guys. Get over it.


Elizabeth Westmark Charlie Webb Thanks for the wisdom, Charlie. Going for a walk with my man and my dog while supper’s in the oven. All y’all have a peaceful Sunday.

Charlie Webb 👍

Jacqueline Aimee RogersGroup Admin I’m not angry. But I really don’t understand why anyone would not want this situation remedied.
Now a bridge over Kingsfield Rd? …Hmm… that might work! Lol


Sean Bullington Jacqueline Aimee Rogers who doesn’t want it fixed?

Kaylin Young I hate it. Our road wasn’t built for the amount, or type, of traffic it’s getting as they all attempt to avoid 9 mile. Trucks aren’t even supposed to be coming this way and are often halfway in the other lane to avoid the crumbling edges of the road. And they are all going way too fast for the curves and condition in order to make it to their shift at Navy Fed or one of the construction sites on time. 😭


Elizabeth Westmark Well said.

Mici Eyre Its very charming by itself. Little country road…However put a school bus on it barreling around corners way to fast and you get run off the road. On top of that it is now being used as a detour because of Muscogee being closed! All that equals a bad wreck just waiting to happen


Crystal Harris I agree, way too much thru traffic. I usually will come to a stop before a curve because of how fast ppl come speeding around them and are always in my lane! More then once I have gotten an apologetic wave from a fellow vehicle speeding around the curb into my lane. I usually have my 1yr old in tow with me. A lot of ppl don’t realize there are certain parts where you cannot get off the road because of a the deep ditch so close or from a stump sticking out into the road…don’t need my sidewall blown again! I pray a solution is found. Since our area was rezoned…about 5yrs or so big trucks are allowed to drive thru.


Kaylin Young I was wondering why they suddenly started barreling through… I didn’t realize it was rezoned back then. A lot of their load weight alone is too heavy for the road and contributes to it’s erosion. Plus, like you said all the ditches, and foliage, and people’s homes are so close to the road there won’t be an easy, or inexpensive, way to fix the problem.

Crystal Harris I have lived out here since I was a child…sad to watch how quickly traffic is growing and no improvement to the road….well there is that 1 small section that was completely repaved by the bridge…what is it like 7ft lol





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