Longleaf Stories

full circle in the hundred acre wood

Grace could barely see the white dashes in the middle of the road, the early morning fog on I-10 was so thick. Her hands were clammy and she had to struggle with herself not to turn back. It was time for sunrise, but all she could see of it was a smeary glare trying to insinuate itself through the wet gray blanket obscuring the landscape. She left Pensacola at four, stopped in Marianna for a fill-up of gas and coffee and would be approaching Florida’s capitol city of Tallahassee in another hour. The sun would be blazing by then and probably stay with her all the way to Port Everglades and the prison where she would meet the most important man in her life for the first time: her father. For Laura’s Free Flow Friday.

2 thoughts on “Journey

  1. susan says:

    NIcely done. Can’t believe I clicked on that Free Flow Friday link, now I want to do it too tyvm 🙂


    1. Beth says:

      Thanks, Susan. Let’s do it! Feels like the old, pure fun blogging we used to do without overthinking.


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