full circle in the hundred acre wood

Labrador retrievers are often stereotyped as being goofy. I can’t say I haven’t been entertained by that silly, sweet, and (okay I’ll say it) goofiness that was one aspect of the personalities of our Labs down through the years. But who could look at Longleaf Lou as she relaxes in the morning sun on Christmas day …

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Last Thanksgiving I decided “enough” with all this cooking. It makes a mess, takes up a lot of time, and what’s the difference anyway, right? A roast turkey is a roast turkey. So I went to the dark side and ordered Thanksgiving dinner for eight from my local grocery store. A side dish called “ambrosia” …

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First frost of the season. Lou, our chocolate Lab, is eager to get out in it and explore. One more swallow of steaming black coffee and I’m ready, too. All three million olfactory receptors in her nose are on high alert. We head to the woods and enjoy a fine, brisk walk as the sun shoots bright …

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